Hi! and welcome to “From Roam With Love”!  I’m Jenna and this is my website, and my obsession. To give you a little taste of who I am, I’m a traveler with a huge a love books and words, especially big and/or random ones.  I grew up in Indiana, which means I know all about the Indy 500 and that corn should be ‘knee high by the 4th of July’. I live and teach English at a Kindergarten in Busan, South Korea.  That means I also know I prefer my kimchi fresher and less fermented as well as my fare share of Kpop dance moves.  I am super nerdy, kind of goofy, and constantly acting like a big kid (which works out well as a Kindergarten teacher).

I started blogging in 2010 before coming to Korea as a means of keeping my family up to date on my overseas journey; and since, writing has become something much bigger that I really love.

Below I have included some of my favorite posts if you want a place to get started.  Feel free to get cozy and stay awhile.

From Busan with Love,

The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Seen

Why Come Back to Busan?   

It’s Not in the Basement of the Alamo

Hey, Hahoe, Let’s Go!

A Tree Grows in Kyungsung


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