27 Things

I have decided to make some changes over the next six months and overall be more mindful (in my actions, relationships, and how I care for myself); and to keep myself focused I made a list of ’27 Things To Do Before I Turn 27′.  If you’re intersted you can read more about it here.

27 Things To Do Before I Turn 27

1. Finish my NaNo Novel

2. Get Stronger

3. Be Published

4. Volunteer at least 24 hours of my time over the next 6 months

5. Visit a new place/city in Korea

6. Visit at least one new country

7. Donate my hair to Locks of Love

8. Finish all the current topics on my “blog idea” list

9. Learn More About Photography

10. Learn Photoshop

11. Eat Healthier

12. Eat More Whole Foods

13. Don’t eat convenience store food for a month  (3/4 weeks completed)

14. Be More Present  (trying)

15. Give More Compliments  (also trying)

16. Send 27 pieces of mail

17. Go on at least two new hikes

18. Read two new books

19. Visit at least one new Museum

20. Spend 7 hours a week while at home without screens

21. Perform 5 Random Acts of Kindness for Strangers

22. Save 15% of my monthly salary for retirement

23. Host a Soup and Swap

24. Get rid of 27 Things I Don’t Need and/or Don’t Use  (Progress: 2/27)

25. Do something special for my students for their Kindergarten Graduation

26. Worry Less

27. Smile More


2 thoughts on “27 Things

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  2. Love this. #20 esp. I don’t watch tv much at all but am on the computer all day and night. Yes, it’s a problem but how is a writer supposed to fiinish their work and social media and blog and, etc. ? 😉 Great blog.

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