Winter in Korea

Vacation is over, Korea is feeling cold, and I think I have a case of the Winter Doldrums. But I’m not too worried because it is a proven fact that cupcakes are an age-old cure for the Winter Doldrums.  DSC01145

And cupcakes with old friends is an even better remedy (the Banana Velvet cupcake worked wonders for me).


This past Saturday I went down to Nampodong to visit with Lauren, and her awesome daughters Jessie and Jenny.


Lauren was my awesome friend Annie‘s co-teacher a few years back and they became part of Annie’s Korean Family, having Annie at their house for her birthday, spending time with Annie’s parents when they visited Busan, and even inviting myself and Annie out to lunch and to their house for delicious meals. They are such a warm and welcoming family and I’m so glad I get to spend more time with them.


Lauren is so nice and her daughters are super smart, and really tall.  Even though they’re in Middle School and Elementary school, I’m sure both of the girls will be towering over me in no time.  Both of the girls are very smart and so well-traveled, I know they have bright futures ahead of them. It was a really great afternoon of catching up, reminiscing, and eating yummy cupcakes!

We went to Red Velvet, which is currently my favorite cupcake shop in Busan since I found out that Good Ovening closed in Seomyeon.  Lauren and Jessie had found the shop a few days before and it was their first time going to Red Velvet, and I think they liked it.


 Jenny has a bit of a hollow leg so we went out for deokkboki after cupcakes.  One of my favorite things about Nampo is all the street food!  The girls kept laughing at one of the women who was presumably the owner at the shop because she kept barking orders at the other women who worked there constantly nagging them and double checking their actions while doing nothing herself.


After talking for a few hours and eating a ton, Lauren and her girls had to go so we parted ways.  I wandered around the market and back alleys of Nampo for a bit longer people watching and taking some photos.


I just love Nampo, it is one of my favorite places in all of Busan.


I feel like I could go there on a weekly basis and still turn down a new street or stumble upon something new with each visit.


It’s such a great mix of shops and sights and colors and people.


Plus who doesn’t love street food?


I know I do, and pretty bikes.


From Busan Wintry with Love,


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