Sledding, Kinda


Last week for our January Field Trip, we went sledding.  Or, more accurately we went to an amusement park and where we slid down a slightly snowy/icy hill twice.  I was too busy wrangling kids, making sure no one was lost,  and having fun with our limited sledding that I took maybe a total of 3 photos.  So all of the pictures are from my school. Also I love that Clara is in mid-yawn in this picture.


Everyone was super bundled for the day which was good because it was cold. We went to Tongdo Fantasia  in Yangsan and it was chilly up in the mountains. You can see the sled hill behind Leo and it’s not much by my Midwestern standards, but for little kids who live near the beach and rarely see snow, it was still a lot of fun.


Along with the bit of sledding, we also went on a ‘mini roller coaster’ which I think was perfect for my kids.  The coaster was scary enough that they really enjoyed it, but not so scary that anyone cried.


We didn’t have that much time since it was almost an hour’s drive each way and we had to get back to school, but we did also drive some bumper cars.  I am proud to say that my car had the most fun, but I have had a bit more practice than my 7 year olds.


One of my Korean co-workers told us to jump in the picture, I guess even at 5’3″ my jumps are still a bit higher than everyone else.  Oops.  But it is no secret, even to my kids, that their teacher is a weirdo, but that just means I fit right in with the rest of the class.

Overall, the sledding was fun although I was hoping for more, but my kids had fun through it all and we were all exhausted by the time we got back to school.

From Busan with Sledding Love,


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