Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm was one of my favorite temples that I visited in Cambodia, and it’s not too surprising. Along with Bayon, Ta Prohm had that feeling of being a lost temple filled with potential discovery, which I loved.


Even when it was swarming with tour groups (a lot of which were Korean), there were plenty of nooks and crannies ripe for exploring away from the crowds.


I loved being able to crawl through a window and over some rocks and end up in a quiet place that looked completely unexplored.


Along with the beautiful carvings next to rubble, or beautiful carvings in the rubble, there are the trees!  I think I might be a little, or a lot a bit in love with the strangler fig.


If this place couldn’t get cooler, there is the dinosaur!  Or at least a carving that some people claim is a dinosaur way before dinosaur fossils were discovered. Either way, it looks pretty cool, and everyone knows that dinosaurs are cool.


I also think all the colors in the rocks are pretty cool too.


Ta Prohm was one of those places that felt unreal and almost magical.


It really is no wonder that it one of my favorite temples that I visited on my Cambodian Christmas trip.


From Busan with Ta Prohm Love,


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