Don’t You Want to Be in Kindergarten?

I haven’t written much in the past few days because I’ve been greatly involved in this cool activity known as sleeping.  I don’t know if it’s the flu shot I recently got (better late than never, right?) or if I’m still trying to readjust after coming back from vacation, or the fact that I am a teacher and therefore run around all day.  Either way, I’ve been falling asleep by 10:30 the last few nights.

The end of the school year is coming up very quickly at the end of February and we’ve already begun our preparations. Our Graduation Ceremony, with its dance routines, drama performances, awards and multiple outfit changes, is no small feat. The Korean teachers have begun practicing the dances the kids will learn, my fellow foreign co-workers and I have begun assigning roles and adjusting our classes Drama performances.  Also the costume book from which our Drama Costumes and Dance Outfits have been selected is hilarious.  There is everything from a fried chicken outfit, to dinosaurs and animals, to princess dresses and lots of outfits with weird exposed midriffs for preschoolers.

I’ve also begun preparing Graduation gifts for my 7 year olds. I don’t want to fully let the cat out of the bag, but I’m making them specifically for each student, and it will involve pictures I’ve taken throughout the year that their parents probably haven’t seen.  As a pre-school/Kindergarten we do take a lot of pictures, and at the end of the year the parents will even receive a portfolio full of their child’s awards, test scores, summaries of their progress for each month, and a ton of photos.  Even with all these pictures, I thought it would be nice to share some of my own of my class full of loveable crazies and their daily antics.  Since some of them are adorable and/or funny I thought I would share a few.


I’ve also realized in compiling photos for the gift, that I have a ton of pictures of some of my students, and much fewer photos of others.


Even some of my more outgoing students seem to be a bit camera-shy.


But man do they love to pose with their tongues out.


Seriously, all the time. Actually yesterday we had a discussion for at least five minutes about how people have different sized tongues.  Don’t you want to be in Kindergarten?


We dress up, talk about weird things, pretend to be puppies, and try to remember that ‘somwon’ is not the correct spelling of the word ‘someone’.  I’m sure every teacher says this, but we really have grown a lot this year.

From Busan with Kindy Love,


4 thoughts on “Don’t You Want to Be in Kindergarten?

  1. Your kindergarten class looks fun! I’m moving over to Korea to teach kindergarten and elementary kids this month, and reading your posts have made me really look forward to it. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you. I will be teaching on Geoje Island, towards the southern coast. I start this month and I’m really nervous but excited. I loved reading your Korea posts! Gave me a possible taster of whats to come 🙂

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