I’m A Tree Hugger

I started writing about Ta Prohm, but looking through my pictures there was so many ones I liked, and so much to talk about I didn’t know where to start.  In the end I felt that I needed split it up so one post wouldn’t have 50 pictures in it.


Ta Prohm was the only temple my friend Russ and I ended up going to twice, and was the last temple we visited before leaving Siem Reap so I have a lot of pictures and a lot of things to talk about.


To remedy this, I decided to start with the trees.


Ta Prohm is famous for the trees that have taken over the temple and I have fallen in love with their creeping beauty.


I took so many pictures both of and with trees that after a while upon spotting a cool tree Russ started automatically asking if I wanted a picture next to it.


I might have a bit of a problem.


I loved the trees towering overhead and sprouting through buildings, seemingly out of nowhere reaching toward the sky.


I love the temple’s sculptures and precise carvings swallowed by roots and the strong trunks crumbling  walls. I love these trees!

From Busan with Tree Hugger Love,


7 thoughts on “I’m A Tree Hugger

    • I’m not sure if you’re joking or not because part of Tomb Raider was filmed here and all the guides mention it. I’ve never seen it, but the temple is beautiful.

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