When I go to new countries, I love wandering around their convenience stores or supermarkets.  I love seeing what people eat and what kind of snacks they enjoy.  I especially love the snacks that are ‘weird’, or at least new and different to what I’m used to.

I remember being so worried before I came to Korea that because I couldn’t read Hangul yet, I wouldn’t find any snacks I liked (I was more worried about finding snacks I liked than liking actual meals).  I think it was just because I didn’t know what to expect, but in the land of coffee shops and ice cream chains, it’s not hard to find something yummy to munch on.
After conquering Korea snacks became way less of a worry and more of another fun facet to my travels. I ate tons of Cadbury chocolate and some cool Indian sweets in Malaysia, when I wasn’t busy scarfing down banana roti.  I had these strangely good spicy shrimp and lime chips in Thailand. I don’t remember what kind of snacks I had in China, but I did eat a LOT of dumplings.
Japan, with all of its convenience stores, led me to discover some awesomely new snacks.

Some things I buy for the packaging, and this trip was no exception.  I did look for green tea KitKats and couldn’t find any.  But I did end up with “Panda” Pocky and “Ice Cream” Koala Yummies.  Also I bought this fan at the same time I bought  the sweets and if anyone could tell me who the dude is next to Hello Kitty, I would be quite thankful to know who is hanging out on my wall.

I also found a Melon flavored variation on one of my favorite Korean snacks “ChocoBoys”.  I was going to send them to my friend Annie who is also obsessed with them, but one night while peckish I opened them up and they were quite gross.  I only ate one before throwing the rest away, I was super disappointed since it was probably one of the only things I ate in Japan that I disliked.  I was glad I didn’t send them half way across the world.

Never fear though, because melons redeemed themselves in the form of ‘Salty Watermelon” soda.  It was awesome, and if I lived in Japan, I might become addicted.

So the moral of the story is that I can easily be won over with snacks, I love exploring new cultures and countries snack foods, and say ‘yes’ to Banana roti and ‘no’ to Melon Choco Boys.

From Busan with Munch Love,


9 thoughts on “Snacks

  1. Oh dear, I almost missed Chopper on that fan-had to go back and take a second look. That’s hilarious! One Piece has been made into an anime and is available on hulu in the states, so if you get back here and decide you can’t live without silly Asian characters… hulu also has a lot of kdrama 😉

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